Mooring as illustrated above is designed to prevent damage to your boat (expensive for you) or damage to the docks and other boats (expensive for all the members including you). If your boat damages the new decking you pay.

It may look calm today but winds through the marina reach 50+kM/hr

  • Boats to 22’ shall use braided or laid nylon mooring lines a minimum of 3/8” diameter
  • Boats over 22’ shall use nylon line of at least ½”
  • Boats over 30’ shall use nylon line of at least 5/8”
  • Mooring lines less than 10’ require a steel or rubber snubber to reduce shock loading on your boat and dock
  • Mooring lines of 10’ or more (spring lines) are elastic and do not require snubbers

Read your copy of Mooring Policy for more info.

If you have questions, suggestions, or need assistance with moorage, contact